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Not sure about you, but i hate it when people ring the doorbell and the dog goes nuts. Well then i go nuts! Lol!!! So i made our house a sign and I hope people get the idea.

(1) 10" x 10" wood board - Got it Michaels - They have lots of choices

* I used my cricut and some Vinyl to make a stencil. I then painted over stencil with White Acrylic Paint. Let dry, Peel off stencil and Ta Da!!!!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy : )

I took a shot at making my girls a "Stuffed Animal Zoo"

It's not perfect and cost me an Arm & Leg, lol! but i love the way it turned out

At Home Depot - I purchased enough 1" x 8" already primed pieces of wood and had them cut the following: 

              (12) 24" Pieces

              (4) 6' pieces

           I got a sheet of MDF wood that i primed and had my husband cut for me, but home depot will also cut it for you)

*you will have left overs, with this i made the Stuffed animal Sign*

at and purchased a 100' spool of Bungee Cord

With my Cricut I made the stencils for the zoo, used silver & black paint

I screwed the frame together to keep it secure. My husband stapled a bottom and back

I think that's all for the zoo. If i'm missing something, let me know : )


I made this cute bench/ Daybed from a crib.

1. Used a Shower curtain for $9 for the mattress cover (used a heat gun to melt the seems together).

2. Bought $5 pillows at Wal-Mart : )

3. Enjoy

**Bonus - Got to keep the drawer on the bottom for extra storage**