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We made this Fluffy Slime today and it turned out the first time and that never happens. Click the tab for the recipe. 

Me and the girls wanted to try this Geode Science Project. 

We went to this link and gave it a try. Each girl got there own eggs and i'm glad they did because the outcome seemed different for each.

Give it a try and see what your result are : )

This year (2018), i joined my girls school PTA and i was asked to make a poster for our Free Family Movie Nights. I have a #Cricut machine and put it to use on this project. I love how it came out. We then laminated them so they can be used over and over. We just add the new date & time for the next movie night : )

Made these for my girls after I saw a post on Pinterest

This is what i used as inspiration:

This is what i used to know how to make the center:

I used a heavy cardstock & glitter vinyl to make the horn

I used felt to make the ears

I used a cross stitch wooden hoop and wrapped yarn all around

I used yarn/ ribbon i had on hand for the bottom

I had fake flowers that i took apart and re-assembled and added some bling

*My girls LOVE them*

I saw on Pinterest this idea and had to try it. My daughters school was throwing a huge amount out and i thought this would be fun to make for. the kids. 

 1. Peel the paper off. I recommend you do not use the brow or black crayons. when you melt the crayons it makes them dark.

2. Get a cutting board & a knife and cut them into pieces.

3. Put them in silicone molds, these are way easier to get the crayons out of after cooled.

4. Put the oven to 250 degrees and place them in the oven, mine took about 20+ minutes to melt.

5. I put mine in the freezer to cool.

6. Pop out of molds and viola!

My kids love using these to draw with cause the color just randomly changes.

Not sure about you, but i hate it when people ring the doorbell and the dog goes nuts. Well then i go nuts! Lol!!! So i made our house a sign and I hope people get the idea.

(1) 10" x 10" wood board - Got it Michaels - They have lots of choices

* I used my cricut and some Vinyl to make a stencil. I then painted over stencil with White Acrylic Paint. Let dry, Peel off stencil and Ta Da!!!!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy : )

I took a shot at making my girls a "Stuffed Animal Zoo"

It's not perfect and cost me an Arm & Leg, lol! but i love the way it turned out

At Home Depot - I purchased enough 1" x 8" already primed pieces of wood and had them cut the following: 

              (12) 24" Pieces

              (4) 6' pieces

           I got a sheet of MDF wood that i primed and had my husband cut for me, but home depot will also cut it for you)

*you will have left overs, with this i made the Stuffed animal Sign*

at and purchased a 100' spool of Bungee Cord

With my Cricut I made the stencils for the zoo, used silver & black paint

I screwed the frame together to keep it secure. My husband stapled a bottom and back

I think that's all for the zoo. If i'm missing something, let me know : )


I made this cute bench/ Daybed from a crib.

1. Used a Shower curtain for $9 for the mattress cover (used a heat gun to melt the seems together).

2. Bought $5 pillows at Wal-Mart : )

3. Enjoy

**Bonus - Got to keep the drawer on the bottom for extra storage**